What is a Recovery Coach?

A recovery coach is a professional who guides, mentors and advises someone towards meeting their recovery objectives. Oftentimes, transitioning from a treatment setting to a recovery centered lifestyle can be overwhelming and full of obstacles. It is the goal of every Providence Recovery Coach to facilitate this transition by working alongside the client in order to achieve long-term recovery. Through proven coaching techniques, such as motivation interviewing and SMART goal setting, our clients are provided the tools to accomplish not only their recovery objectives but also life goals. Providence Recovery Coaching is entirely confidential. We respect the client’s and family’s right to privacy. Our Recovery Coaches are accustomed to working “behind the scenes” and can navigate meetings in public and/or provide support in social settings.

Where Do I Begin?

All of our clients will undergo an Initial Assessment. This assessment will give us a comprehensive picture of the client and identify both strengths and deficiencies to focus on. If an outside referral needs to be made we are willing to provide recommendations to professionals we have worked with in the past.

What Is Included?

Recovery Coaches are available 24/7 and send out weekly progress reports to everyone involved in the client’s recovery (i.e. therapists, psychiatrists, doctors etc). One of the most important aspects of Recovery Coaching is keeping the entire treatment team on the same page and up to date. All clients are consistently drug tested and breathalyzed randomly in order to hold the client accountable.

Safe Transport

Sometimes situations arise in early recovery that need to be attended to (ie court, family situation, or a pre arranged visit home). This is a very volatile time for the client and a stressful situation for the family. By working closely with the treatment team and family our transporter will provide the necessary support and supervision to ensure that the Client travels safely and clear of unwelcomed temptations.

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